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"He was a man in total control - unapproachable, unforgiving, unfathomable. He was his own law and his own morality. He lived in a world dominated by an atmosphere of fatalism. He was the first comic book anti-hero." -- Jim Steranko's History of Comics

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Dixie Dugan

Feb. 4th, 2012 11:53 pm
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic "A man is never too young to become a cartoonist. John Striebel, who draws the widely popular “Dixie Dugan " cartoon strip, won national prominence at the age of fourteen when he was recognized as the youngest front-page cartoonist in the country." -- Modern Mechanix: Dixie Dugan ’s Fathers

I don't that the comic art Striebel did at 14, but below the cut is several "Dixie Dugan " strips.

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 Photobucket  High class golden age writing brought to you by this Avon one shot.

"The strange, bewildering tale of a man on trail for his life, and the man who hold it--and justice--in his hand!"
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If after all fo this you are craving more Muscle, checkout Mr. Muscles and the Carnies.
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As many of us know life is hard when your beautiful, and no one knows that better than Mr. Muscles! Now you can read about the most perfect man on earth and how he came to be!

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Mr. Muscles was not alone in his perfection. Not only did he have his sidekick, Kid Muscle, but there was a Miss Muscle too!
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Jul. 19th, 2011 04:39 pm
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Juvenile Orion Golden fics - FF.net archive of the the sections gems.
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Jack Cole is remembered for his creation of Plastic Man, but the stretchy superhero wasn't his first super powered savior.

Pep Comics #1 All things by Jack Cole

If you go looking for Jake Cole writing and art, know that he left The Comet on Pep #8.

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The Comet ran trough Pep Comics #17, but Jack Cole was only the writer as far as #5. Before Cole left he had John reporter Thelma Gordon, who remained his girlfriend till the end of his series. Shortly before he meets Thelma, he is hypnotized into stealing and killing a police officer, becoming a fugitive. Thelma believes he is innocence and falls in love with him. Rather than show how they met I though I would post the more interesting "Pencils of Doom." (I wish the was called the "The Murder Car" instead, but no had to be "Pencils of Doom.")

From Pep #5 by Jack Cole

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Betty Bates

Jul. 4th, 2011 04:56 pm
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Staring in Hit Comics #4, Batty Bates finds danger everywhere she turns. Sometimes she jumps into trouble, sometimes it grabs her and runs. Either way Betty Bates, Lady at Law" was one of the better back-up in Hit Comics, outlasting it's cover stars: Neon the Unknown, The Red Bee, Kid Eternity, and Hercules. Now from the golden pages of Hit Comics #12 "One Hamburger with Trouble!"
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